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*Theoretical measures: rely on the path through the internet to the server and the server itself, being capable of supporting these speeds

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No. We don’t like renting off other providers. That’s why we build our own 100% full fibre network, using the most advanced technology available. Our broadband is delivered straight into your home using only fibre optic cables, giving you the fastest, most reliable broadband connection in London! 

This can vary. You’ll be able to get up to our advertised speeds when you use an Ethernet cable connected to one device. Things like distance from the router, interference from other devices and wall thickness can affect WiFi signal. More speed means more devices can connect at the same time across multiple users without compromising quality. Score! 

This promotion is open to new Community Fibre broadband customers only, where the named account holder is a resident of the United Kingdom aged 18 or over. To check all the details and what dates the promotion is available, please check our terms and conditions here.