Community Fibre is getting London's businesses back on track with the unrivalled speeds of up to 10 Gbps and reliability of 100% full fibre business broadband.

Our business broadband packages

Business broadband from £63 per month for 36 months. All prices exclude VAT.
Same download and upload speeds
Unlimited data
100% full fibre broadband
1 static IP address included (option to buy more)
Named account manager
Prioritised business support from our UK support team
99.9% up-time reliability. Business SLAs & service guarantees
Broadband failure backup with a 4G USB solution
  • Target fix time is 8hrs backed up with our Mobile assurance at 4hrs - Our target to fix any issue is 8 hours, if we can’t fix your issue within 4 business hours, we will provide temporary 4G Mobile Internet access dongles to keep you online.
  • Money back Guarantee - If we don’t fix your service within 24 business hours then we will credit you 1 week for each day after this you don’t have service from your next month’s bill (limited to one credit per issue or associated series of issues).
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Why Community Fibre

We give you the fastest, most reliable broadband connection your business can get, symmetrical download and upload speeds, and it’ll handle all your data needs for decades to come.

* Connection charges apply. Free connection charge with Westminster voucher scheme

Business-grade bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

Off-site backups, cloud computing, daily software updates, HD video conferencing, mission critical IT and security infrastructure are common place. We’ve got you covered!

Unbeatable installs

We’re a London company serving only London businesses. If we already service your building, we may be able to connect you in as little as two weeks.

Superior service

We’re rated an Excellent 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, and UK-based Customer Services team is here to help. Our 99.9% uptime reliability with prioritised business SLAs is your assurance of great service.

This is not a traditional leased line service. However, our dedicated full fibre broadband connection provides speeds that exceed those provided by leased lines at a fraction of the price.


We can deliver our full fibre broadband services in much shorter timeframes than leased lines, with much lower set up costs and zero Excess Construction Charges (ECCs).

Our packages include a small connection charge (£300 for a 12-month package and £200 for a 24 or 36-month package) as well as a monthly rental fee. However, we do not charge for any build or excess construction charges. 

Yes, we provide one static Internet Protocol (IP)address as part of your standard package price. You can purchase as many additional IP addresses as you may need.

We don’t provide a router as part of our standard package, but please get in touch if this is a requirement.

Absolutely. You can upgrade your package at any time without the need for new equipment. We aim to apply all upgrades up to 1 Gbps within 48 hours.

Sure, that’s not a problem. To request your mid-contract upgrade, contact your named account manager or call our Customer Service team on 0800 082 0770 from Monday to Friday, 8am - 10pm and 9am - 7pm on weekends.

Unlimited data | Symmetrical speed | 100% Full fibre














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