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London’s fastest 100% full fibre broadband

We're Community Fibre. You're our community.

London's residents and businesses are our customers, but you're also our community. We're a London company bringing faster broadband at a fairer price exclusively to Londoners and those who work in London. An important part of that is to provide fast internet access to some of those who need it most, and the opportunities for education, training, employment, social inclusion and community projects it can provide.

Our ambition

  • Community Fibre wants all Londoners to have access to fast, fairly priced broadband
  • We built our own dedicated full fibre network so that we could offer faster internet to more Londoners at a fairer price than ever before. Now there's no reason why everyone, whatever community you come from, can't have equal access to the incredible opportunities the internet offers.
  • We aim to shrink the digital divide. We've made a good start.

Online community spaces

  • As part of our mission to bring better broadband to all Londoners, we offer FREE 1 Gbps full fibre broadband to some of the community centres and libraries in the London boroughs we operate in. The hubs selected are the heart of community life. A free high-quality connection means that both work and leisure activities can happen seamlessly for the centre’s attendees.
  • So far we have connected over 300 community centres to London's fastest full fibre broadband network, with lots more planned in the coming months. That means 1 Gbps Internet accessible by everyone, bringing communities together for training, entertainment, social and digital inclusion.
  • To get your community centre connected simply enter your postcode above and select your community centre address. Then you will be able to order your 1 Gbps connection as well as select the installation date to suit you. 

Digital Ambassadors

  • Not everyone has a smartphone, knows how to use a computer or understands social media.
  • We train members of the community to become qualified Digital Ambassadors who can help anyone who needs it with all aspects of being online and becoming more digitally empowered. From the basics of how to use email and social media to building your own website, our Digital Ambassadors are from your community and here to help your community.
  • Sign up to become a Digital Ambassador today and see all the benefits we can offer you.